In obedience to orders, I have the honor to make the following report of the movements and operations of the 44th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company C from and including August 22 to 24.

Captain Van Buskirk arrived in advance of the unit and established headquarters, laying out the Company street in a clearing southeast of the town of Gettysburg, Pa at the base of Culp’s Hill near a natural spring on Mr. Spangler’s property.

Beginning Friday afternoon and stretching over the next two days the Company filed into camp. Friday Evening Corporals McLean and Marshall were accompanied by pioneer John and his father in a reconnaissance of the half cleared hill west of the Taneytown Road.

Under the guidance of the Captain, visitors to the Spring were schooled in the Load in Nine Count and witnessed firing demonstrations that were executed by the members of the 44th that were able to answer the call in spite of the epidemic of health issues that have greatly diminished the troops. Pillars of black powder smoke billowed from the tall grasses before the ranks upon each crisp volley, the reports echoing from the flanking woods. Spectators who witnessed the demonstration were treated to the expert drilling and field maneuvers of the Company, including bayonet charges of the gathering crowds, who cowered behind a sturdy rope barrier.

The camp was heavily visited through the weekend, including a couple from Spain, and each question from the guests was answered in a courteous manner. The ladies in Camp supported the troops and assisted in the daily routines. Lady Shaina O’Brien was initiated into the 44th at a Company ceremony, courteously accepting her anointment with Georgia mud upon her previously spotless white blouse. With a politely smiling face she thanked the Captain for the “ruddy badge of honor”

Saturday evening we encountered a handful of Yankees picnicking near the Spring and dispatched them from the area. Shortly after 2 o’clock Sunday we struck the tents and began the trek home.

Restocked and anxious to demonstrate our refined skills in the face of the enemy, let us meet again, in force, in defense of the field at Cold Spring.

With fulfilled optimism I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Corporal James Marshall, 44th Georgia Vol. Inf., Co. C.