Gentlemen and Ladies of the 44th Georgia Vol. Inf. Company C

#5 Event 154 Gettysburg   

July 1 thru 3  We will fight all 3 Day's.

The War Wagon should get there about 1 PM Friday June 30.

Duty Phone number will be 908-339-7476.

The weather as of June 28 2:30 PM

Friday: Mostly Sunny COR 20% 92 Deg. Winds SW 5 to 10 mph

Night: Partly Cloudy COR 10%  71 Deg.  Winds Light and Variable.

Saturday: SPartly Sunny COR 20% 92 Deg. Winds WSW 7 mph.

Night: "T" Storms COR 80%  71 Deg. Winds Light and Variable.  

Sunday: Scattered "T" Storms in the AM. COR 60% 89 Deg. Winds Light and Variable.

Night: Mostly Clear COR 10% 67 Deg. Winds Light and Variable,

Monday: Mostly Sunny COR 10% 89 Deg. Light and Variable

Directions for GPS are:

Pumping Station Road 3 Miles Past Ike's House at the Movie Set Location this year.

Company Information:

The company street set up will be used.

The Ammo wagon has been restocked. 

All Troops should be in camp by 8:00 AM.

Officers and NCO's Call at Sat. 8:15 AM, Sun. and Mon. at 9:15 AM.
1st Call for Roll Call and Inspection of arms Sat. at 8:30 AM. Sun. and Mon 9:30 AM.

NOTE:  Their will be a Company meeting on Sat. after the battle to

update the By Laws.  update the events left for 2017.

Brake Camp Monday after the battle.

Yours in service
Major Clark