Gentlemen and Ladies of the 44th GVI Co. C

Event 3 NPS Spring Event at Camp Longstreet

Friday May 12 Camp set up after 1 pm.

Saturday May 13, 2016 3 Demo's for the NPS Demo. Time: 11, 1, and 3PM.

Sunday May 14, 2016 2 Demo's for the NPS Demo. Time: 11, and 1PM.

Driving directions:
Go thru Gettysburg on Middle street turn left on Confederate Ave go past the Virginia Monument, then on the right side just past the Longstreet Monument turn right behind the Monument this is were we are camped.

The war wagon should get there about 1 PM Friday to set up for the weekend.

The 44th GVI Co. C Duty Phone number is 908-339-7476

Weather forecast at this time: Rain or Shine Event.
Friday Lgt. Rain COR 100% 55 Deg, night 46 Deg. Winds West 6 MPH.
Saturday Lgt. Rain COR 100% 53 Deg, night 50 Deg. Winds South 6 MPH.
Sunday Mostly Sunny 69 Deg. Winds West 10 MPH.

AM Colors at 8 am.
Officers and NCO's meeting at 8:15 am.
Roll Call and Inspection of arms at 8:30 am.
PM Colors 6 pm.

Captain Clark
5/16/2017 at 11:30 PM.