Gentlemen and Ladies of the 44th Georgia Vol. Inf. Company C

#9 Event  153rd Cedar Creek  Middletown, Va.

ANV. Max. Event

Oct. 14, and 15 2017

The War Wagon should get there about 12 PM Friday Oct. 13, 1017

Duty Phone number will be 908-339-7476.

The weather as of Oct. 12 at 3:45 PM.

Friday: Cloudy COR 20% 64 Deg. Winds ENE at 3 mph.  sunset:6:36 PM

Friday Night: Cloudy COR 20% 57 Deg. Winds E at 1 mph.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy COR 20% 76 Deg. Winds  SSE at 3 mph. sunrise:7:22AM

Sunset: 6:35PM.

Saturday Night: Mostly Clear COR 10% 60 Deg. Winds S at 4 mph. 

Sunday: Mostly Sunny COR  20% 83 Deg. Winds SW at 7 mph. Sunrise7:23AM:

Directions for GPS are:

8437 Valley Pike Middletown, Va. 22645

Directions are:

IS81 to Middletown Va. exit 302 turn right to "T" the turn left and follow the road to the Battle field south of the town.  

Camp: South end of field look for ANV then 2 Bat. camp flags on road side.

Company Information:

Do not arrive before 12PM on Friday.

Walk on will be excepted, the cost is $30.00.

The one half a company street set up will be used.

The Ammo wagon has been restocked for the 44th only. 

All Troops should be in camp by 8:00 AM Sat and 900 AM Sun.

Officers and NCO's Call at Sat. 8:15 AM, Sun. at 9:15 AM.

Battle on Sat. 3PM 1st Winchester.

Battle on Sun. 1:30PM Cedar Creek.

Brake Camp after Sunday's Battle.

Yours in service
Major Clark

Rev. 6 As of: Oct. 12 at 3:35 PM. weather update